My Wife Was Right: Best Toilet Repair Advise I’ve Gotten!

Toilet Repair

I’ve never imagined that neglecting a simple toilet leak can skyrocket the water bill in our Chicago, IL home.

I remember last year when my wife first told me that she’s been hearing small sound of  water running in the toilet.

I checked if the plunger was not properly positioned after flushing it and I also checked around the toilet if there was a leak somewhere but I really didn’t pay much attention to it.

Although I’ve already inspected it, I must admit that I was not really convinced that there was water running. My wife would often times tell me in different occasions that she could really hear water running in the toilet. I would always answer her “That is just water coming from the fill valve after flushing and it’s filling the toilet tank again.”

Weeks and months have passed and we have been noticing that our water bill kept on increasing and I thought that it’s just because of our water consumption. So we all agreed that we will save water. Unfortunately nothing worked, and our water bill was still high. Infact, it has gotten even higher month after month.

My wife had enough and spoke to me again after a year and said “Something must be done here, otherwise we’re just flushing money down the drain. This has to stop!” Somehow it struck me.

  • So, I inspected it again and at that moment I devoted my time looking for that annoying leak.
  • First I checked the gate valve if there were leaks, I adjusted the float and even checked the overflow tube if the water overflows but nothing would point out the leak. Everything was fine.
  • I was kind of getting frustrated thinking that I have ruled out everything already and I remembered one thing – the flapper!
  • So I immediately rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the small bottle of food coloring. I took off the toilet tank cover and put a few drops in the tank.
  • I waited a few seconds, then low and behold… the blue food coloring started coming out of the toilet!

There you go! So the flapper was the culprit after all! Good thing I had a brand new  flapper that I was keeping in my utility stash and I replaced the old one with the new one I had.

I flushed the toilet, waited for the tank to get filled and I put a few drops again of food coloring. Nothing was coming out anymore and the sound of water running was gone!  This useful toilet repair tip came in handy when I needed it the most!

I know though, that for worse problems and bigger concerns, I have to call my trusted Chicago plumber.  Contact Plumbers 911 Chicago at (877) 445-6127 for quality services. I would NOT attempt to work on bigger jobs because I’m not trained to change tanks or snake clogs.

Our wtaer bill was decreased by over 80% after a month… So, my wife was right after all!

Watch Video Below!


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Top Reasons to Hire an Expert for Your Olathe Plumbing Needs

Plumbing problems no matter how small can easily turn into a disaster if not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

professional-plumbing-service-in-olatheI am no expert, but with my experience dealing with plumbing problems in my own home in Kansas, I can fairly give you practical tips so you won’t have to experience the same stressful situations I got myself into because of misinformation. Yes, I was misinformed about several things before. So here, let me share with you some lessons that I learned in the past. Let me begin with the top reasons why you should hire licensed contractors in Olathe rather than rely on your own plumbing ability:

  1. Techs are more skilled and equipped. If you have all the basic plumbing tools, that’s good for you. All you need then is to learn how to do basic troubleshooting. If you already have enough knowledge on how to do repairs, then even better. But if you are like many who have little to no idea how to “DIY” properly, then it would be better just to let the pros do their thing.
  2. They can do a thorough inspection to detect the source of the problem, and can even spot issues that you may not know of.
  3. They offer a more permanent solution to the problem.
  4. Hiring a technician can save you more money in the long run. I realized this to be the biggest truth I have ever learned as a homeowner. You spend some cash hiring an expert but will end up saving big sooner or later.

I regret that I have to learn these things the hard way, but the important to me now is that I learned, and I am sharing these things with people like you who are practical enough to learn the right way. That’s what brought you here, right? Or you probably need toilet repair for your home in Kansas or other plumbing services. Here is who you should call: Plumbers 911 at (816) 429-1638. They are reliable and always do the job right the first time. Don’t take my word for it. You should try hiring them for any Olathe plumbing situation, and see for yourself.

Check out this video to learn more about their services:

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How To Find The Best Drain Cleaning Service In Biscayne Park

clogged drains Biscayne ParkYour drains get the most beating whenever you use your plumbing. All the wastewater (and waste materials) goes down the drainpipes to be carried to your septic tank or the treatment facility your home is connected to. Imagine all the soap, shampoo and toothpaste scum; the fruit and vegetable peelings; the food items that you grind in your garbage disposer… they all pass through your pipes. The only problem is that when they stick to the walls and accumulate inside the system, they can lead to blockages which can give you quite a handful of inconvenience. With that said, it is only wise and practical to have your lines cleared and cleaned to keep your plumbing at tip-top shape. So how do you find the right provider who will deliver quality and yet affordable drain cleaning service?

How To Find The Best Drain Cleaning Service

A typical homeowner would not think of finding the best cleaning service until a plumbing emergency happens.


Immediately they would call the first plumber they could find to address the problem. Unfortunately, with this unmindful step, homeowners normally end up either overpaying or a crappy service. Why not call a local Biscayne Park plumbing contractor the first time?

Most of the time, a stopped up drain requires the immediate attention of a professional plumber. This normally happens when the blockage is caused by a damage in the pipes or oftentimes poor construction. Your local plumbing service is more than capable of clearing your blocked sewage.

According to the article, it is not a trouble at all to find quality plumbing experts. You can use the internet to search for providers in your area. Just make sure that you’ll also do your research to guarantee that you’ll be dealing with trusted people. For instance, read customer reviews. You can also verify licensing and company reputation via the Better Business Bureau. This way, you won’t end up scammed. Anyway, if you are also interested in doing your own cleaning (not that extensive), here’s a DIY guide to help you out!

I hope that my blog post for today helps you find the best drain cleaning service in Biscayne Park. Browse other articles I’ve published to get more drain tips and tricks such as the proper way of using drain rods, easy clogged toilet fix or a guide on how to unclog a drain.

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Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Miami FL

bathroom remodeling miamiDo you want to give your bathroom a new look? No time and budget to spend on redoing the fixtures or switching up the tiles? A fresh coat of paint on the walls or a new wallpaper pattern just might do the trick!

The right wallpaper will help address these problems and add that extra edge to keep it from looking generic, clinical, and boring. However, choosing the right wallpaper for your bathroom can be tricky. Not only does it have to look great but it has to be functional at the same time. With a smaller space compared to the rest of the house, you it can be overwhelming to try and accommodate all the fixtures. At the same time, you don’t want the bathroom to look smaller than it already is.

Here are some handy tips and great bathroom wallpaper ideas to help you choose the right look for your bathroom!

How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper

“Think of a bathroom like a jewel box,” Cindy Weil says. “That’s the effect you want to create. A powder room is often windowless and dark; the right wallpaper can transform it. It’s OK to take a risk in a guest bath. You don’t use this room often yourself, so you won’t get sick of a bold pattern as quickly as you might in another, more public part of the house.”

Do you have your dream bathroom wallpaper in mind already? Don’t forget to take in the usual considerations like water resistance and cleaning! The wallpaper should be able to withstand the chemicals you use to clean as well as the daily wear and tear that comes from using the shower and the faucets.

Now that you have your pattern and swatches, it’s time to set up your wall paper. Here are some interesting tips and tricks.

How to Wallpaper a Bathroom

A great enhancement to the decor of any bathroom is wallpaper. Generally most people shy away from wallpapering their bathrooms just for the fact that in the past, wallpaper did not hold up well to the humidity in the bathroom and it was a mess to put up. Well times have changed and so has wallpaper. What once was a hassle and a big mess is now easy and fast to install and best of all they make wallpaper for bathrooms specifically.

There you go! We hope these bathroom remodeling ideas in Miami FL work for you! Now that you have your dream wallpapers up, maybe you’d like to look into bathroom tile ideas as well. If you’re pressed for time, you can always reach out to Douglas Orr Plumbing at 1-800-DOUG-ORR to help you remodel your bathroom.

Here are some more easy bathroom style tricks to help you out!

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Practical Tips For Those Who Want To Renovate Their Bathrooms


Image by winnond at

Okay, as I said earlier – I will blog about a VARIETY of stuff, plumbing included.  We recently remodeled our bathroom and I’d like to share some tips for those who are considering the idea :)

Although it is quite expensive to remodel houses, homeowners still find ways to carry on with their home renovation projects. Property owners do it because they either find their houses too cluttered or they just really want to glamorize them. The bathroom for instance is one of the most frequently remodeled areas of the house. And if you are thinking about having your own bathroom revamped, you might find these tips valuable:

  • check-your-budget-for-the-remodel

    Image by jannoon028 at

    Check your budget because it plays a big role in carrying out your remodeling plans. Your funds will determine the kind of materials you’ll use or the quality of fixtures and accessories that you can pick out. Just remember to not spend more than what you can afford.

  •  Develop a plan. Based on the budget available, you have to picture the final look of your bathroom. That way, you can choose and apply the right theme to make the style consistent.
  • prevent-the-growth-of-mold-and-mildew

    Image by antpkr at

    Save lots of money by letting your plumbing system stay as is. If it’s not really important to have your sink or toilet moved to another area in the bathroom, don’t do it. Moving your fixtures entails moving the pipe lines which is more complicated not to mention more costly.

  •   If you want to replace your fixtures, try shopping around for “green” or environment friendly items. They’re not only beneficial for your health but you’ll also be helping Mother Nature as well.
  • In case you haven’t installed a vent fan in your bathroom, you might want to actually do it now. It will help a lot in preventing the growth of mold and mildew on your tiles. It can also get rid of bad odor when someone uses your toilet.
  • Go for efficient lighting fixtures. There are affordable lights which can either be set to bright or dim. If you want to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, you can set it to dim. If there’s someone who wants to put on makeup, she can set the light to bright.
  • bathroom-cabinet

    Image by Sira Anamwong at

    Think of the tasks that you can or cannot do. Painting cabinets and walls or putting up wallpaper may be easy. But if you are not really skilled in the field of plumbing, you’ll have to call a reliable and professional plumbing contractor. Ask your friends for referrals or browse the internet to find the best plumber. There are listings of contractors and freelancers which you can access on the internet.

If you are residing in the District of Columbia and in dire need of a licensed and insured Washington DC plumber, make sure that the company or contractor offers the best services for budget friendly costs.

Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget? Watch this video from Lowe’s!

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Welcome, Welcome!!


Yay! Here’s my first attempt to blog.

Okay – so don’t feel weird about my domain name.  Because of my love for sci fi films and monkeys – hence, the name :)  Anyway, I will be blogging about ANYTHING under the sun.  Let me tell you what I’m good at: gardening, PS4, Xbox, cooking, designing and plumbing.  Weird combo right?  But hey, I’m a jack of all trades!  Hope you guys like my blog posts and don’t find me.. errr.. weird :)

Till my next post!


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