Hey there! I’m your buddy Mark. I’m just a regular guy who loves anything sci-fi. I love those films as well as monkeys, hence the name of the blog. Sounds weird, no?


But anyway, this blog will not just cover my love for sci-fi films and monkeys, but basically anything that you might be interested in or find helpful! I am passionate with a long list of things a normal guy would love, or not. I’m good with gardening, playing PS4 and Xbox, experimenting with new things in the kitchen, designing, and plumbing. So if you like one of these things just the same, Mutated Monkeys is the site for you!

Yeah, I know, it’s weird that I love some of these things, but trust me, they take my passion to the next level. So here in my blog I’m going to share to you these things and some tips coming out from my own knowledge and experience. I hope these will be useful for you in the long run!

Since I am still attempting to blog, I’d like you to join in the discussions with me so I’ll know where to improve and what more I could offer to you. It’d be great to hang out with you guys. :)