Practical Tips For Those Who Want To Renovate Their Bathrooms


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Okay, as I said earlier – I will blog about a VARIETY of stuff, plumbing included.  We recently remodeled our bathroom and I’d like to share some tips for those who are considering the idea :)

Although it is quite expensive to remodel houses, homeowners still find ways to carry on with their home renovation projects. Property owners do it because they either find their houses too cluttered or they just really want to glamorize them. The bathroom for instance is one of the most frequently remodeled areas of the house. And if you are thinking about having your own bathroom revamped, you might find these tips valuable:

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    Check your budget because it plays a big role in carrying out your remodeling plans. Your funds will determine the kind of materials you’ll use or the quality of fixtures and accessories that you can pick out. Just remember to not spend more than what you can afford.

  •  Develop a plan. Based on the budget available, you have to picture the final look of your bathroom. That way, you can choose and apply the right theme to make the style consistent.
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    Save lots of money by letting your plumbing system stay as is. If it’s not really important to have your sink or toilet moved to another area in the bathroom, don’t do it. Moving your fixtures entails moving the pipe lines which is more complicated not to mention more costly.

  •   If you want to replace your fixtures, try shopping around for “green” or environment friendly items. They’re not only beneficial for your health but you’ll also be helping Mother Nature as well.
  • In case you haven’t installed a vent fan in your bathroom, you might want to actually do it now. It will help a lot in preventing the growth of mold and mildew on your tiles. It can also get rid of bad odor when someone uses your toilet.
  • Go for efficient lighting fixtures. There are affordable lights which can either be set to bright or dim. If you want to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, you can set it to dim. If there’s someone who wants to put on makeup, she can set the light to bright.
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    Think of the tasks that you can or cannot do. Painting cabinets and walls or putting up wallpaper may be easy. But if you are not really skilled in the field of plumbing, you’ll have to call a reliable and professional plumbing contractor. Ask your friends for referrals or browse the internet to find the best plumber. There are listings of contractors and freelancers which you can access on the internet.

If you are residing in the District of Columbia and in dire need of a licensed and insured Washington DC plumber, make sure that the company or contractor offers the best services for budget friendly costs.

Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget? Watch this video from Lowe’s!

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