My Wife Was Right: Best Toilet Repair Advise I’ve Gotten!

Toilet Repair

I’ve never imagined that neglecting a simple toilet leak can skyrocket the water bill in our Chicago, IL home.

I remember last year when my wife first told me that she’s been hearing small sound of  water running in the toilet.

I checked if the plunger was not properly positioned after flushing it and I also checked around the toilet if there was a leak somewhere but I really didn’t pay much attention to it.

Although I’ve already inspected it, I must admit that I was not really convinced that there was water running. My wife would often times tell me in different occasions that she could really hear water running in the toilet. I would always answer her “That is just water coming from the fill valve after flushing and it’s filling the toilet tank again.”

Weeks and months have passed and we have been noticing that our water bill kept on increasing and I thought that it’s just because of our water consumption. So we all agreed that we will save water. Unfortunately nothing worked, and our water bill was still high. Infact, it has gotten even higher month after month.

My wife had enough and spoke to me again after a year and said “Something must be done here, otherwise we’re just flushing money down the drain. This has to stop!” Somehow it struck me.

  • So, I inspected it again and at that moment I devoted my time looking for that annoying leak.
  • First I checked the gate valve if there were leaks, I adjusted the float and even checked the overflow tube if the water overflows but nothing would point out the leak. Everything was fine.
  • I was kind of getting frustrated thinking that I have ruled out everything already and I remembered one thing – the flapper!
  • So I immediately rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the small bottle of food coloring. I took off the toilet tank cover and put a few drops in the tank.
  • I waited a few seconds, then low and behold… the blue food coloring started coming out of the toilet!

There you go! So the flapper was the culprit after all! Good thing I had a brand new  flapper that I was keeping in my utility stash and I replaced the old one with the new one I had.

I flushed the toilet, waited for the tank to get filled and I put a few drops again of food coloring. Nothing was coming out anymore and the sound of water running was gone!  This useful toilet repair tip came in handy when I needed it the most!

I know though, that for worse problems and bigger concerns, I have to call my trusted Chicago plumber.  Contact Plumbers 911 Chicago at (877) 445-6127 for quality services. I would NOT attempt to work on bigger jobs because I’m not trained to change tanks or snake clogs.

Our wtaer bill was decreased by over 80% after a month… So, my wife was right after all!

Watch Video Below!


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